D2 the Mighty Dubs Return

For those of you who have followed Dublin Roller Derby’s mad USA antics, you already know how it went.

For those who didn’t, well firstly le me ask WHY? Secondly you missed out on some seriously heart stopping Derby, results and cheering. Our girls in blue took home fourth place, losing against Naptown Roller Derby in their final game.

(Full results here)

For a team that wasn’t meant to be there to finishing fourth, the girls did themselves proud.

And this wouldn’t have been possible without all your help. So THANK YOU. For your support. For your cheers. For your messages. For your belief and enthusiasm and kind words.

We are nothing without the support our league gives us. So thank you for allowing us to represent you ❤️

Come raise a glass with us at J.K Stoutmans August 30th to celebrate what an amazing bunch of humans this league is.

event below:


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