My first real life game with DRD C

Our C Team recently did a win over in Edinburgh against Auld Reekie Roller Girls’ All Star Rookies! It was also Uniscorn’s first game with the mighty C team and they were good enough to write up a blog post for us.

Hi, I’m Scorn (Uniscorn). I’ve been skating with Dublin for a few years, and this summer, I made it onto our talented, beautiful C team! My first game was against Auld Reekie Rollergirls’ C team in Edinburgh last Saturday. Scrimmaging every Sunday against A & B Team members from our league means we’re used to tough competition but, our team had gone through a lot of changes recently and we were only just starting to work in our packs.
We were all pretty psyched to play a C team from another big competitive league like ARRG. Plus, Edinburgh’s dead cool so we were really happy to be invited over! After our A team’s underdog win against their All-Stars in Pittsburg recently, it was exciting to see how our closely ranked c teams would match up.
So, in the run up to the game I was pretty nervous. I can get a bit penalty-heavy when I get desperate – “if I can’t reach you with my hip, maybe I can get you with my elbow! No wait..!”, and I’ve fouled out of games before. But the thing I worry most about is forgetting stuff and being late! I actually have dreams of like slow motion putting on my skates which for some reason don’t have laces, whilst missing most of a game I’m supposed to be playing! I did indeed forget my mouthguard but luckily I was staying with an Edinburgh derb who had a spare, and other than that I had my teammates to travel with so we got there early and fully kitted out – phew.
Luckily that anxiety meant I didn’t have time to worry about actually skating! And it went really well. We had a strong start, which gave us all the confidence to continue and hold our lead. We utilised our power jams well, and stayed together as walls. Their offence off the line was consistent and solid, but we learnt to work around it. We nailed some decent offensive sweeps, whilst being able to reform back into a wall (which we’d been practicing pretty hard that week running up to the game). Bash did some brutal catching and hitting their jammer out, and our jammers did incredibly. DeeDee (one of our usual jammers), even got a best blocker award! She’d blocked for a few jams to have a break from jamming and obviously dazzled everyone 🙂 
In the end I didn’t die, I only got one penalty, and I landed some pretty ungraceful yet successful hits on the jammers that I’m pretty proud of. We came away with a 308-148 win. We played short (only 11 people could make it), but we played hard and I’m super proud that we held it together after being really new to playing in that setup.
 All in all I was so happy to put on a DRD uniform for the first time. I’m really proud of what our league has been doing across all the teams ( I dunno how many times I cried seeing our A team smash it in Pittsburgh! ) In fact I borrowed Bruise’s (from our A Team) uniform, which felt kinda fitting ‘cause she’s definitely a blocking inspiration of mine.
 So, Edinburgh’s behind us, but now we’re flat out training for going to Birmingham at the end of the month for a tournament against a bunch of B Teams. Wish us luck!