The Mighty Dubs head to America

Did you hear the news?! Our A team has officially received, and accepted, an invite to Divisionals 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

We’re trying to stay calm and collected but we are so so excited!! Our A Team has been steadily working towards getting to D2, but their goals didn’t actually involve getting there until 2018. We managed to achieve this a whole year early.

The A Team entered the WFTDA in June 2016 ranked 138th. They’ve steadily been climbing that ladder since, reaching their peak position of 54th, before settling at 58th after their latest game against Cardiff.

Its been quite the journey but it ain’t over yet! Dublin is going over with everything to gain, nothing to lose and most importantly, a huge amount of fire in their bellies. We’re one to watch our for!

Check out the bracket below and don’t forget WFTDA will be streaming the event! If you fancy sending us pictures of your support, of you supporting, supportive messages or encouraging messages email us at