‘Those Who Derby’ Bootcamp – 22nd April

When? 22nd April
Where? Shoreline Leisure, Greystones
Facebook Event: DRD Bootcamp + Co-Ed Challenge Game

Want to be coached by the top ranked team in the country? Our A team is here to share their knowledge with the universe! See who’s coaching at the bottom of the page!

**Session 1 – 10.30am – 12.30pm**
Star Lord – Jamming Master Class (Advanced)
Gamora – Skating Skills: Power, Speed & Strength (Foundation + Skating Officials)

**Session 2 – 12.45pm – 2.45pm**
Rocket + Groot – Offence Master Class (Advanced)
Drax – Jammer & Blocker Reflexes (Foundation)
Officiating Clinic

**Those Who Derby – 3.30pm – 5.30pm**
Co-Ed Rookie Challenge Game (with feedback from DRD A Team Skaters)

€10 per session / €25 for 2 sessions + scrimmage /  €10 for Gamora + Officiating Clinic if officiating the co-ed scrimmage.
You can pay on the door, or by PayPal below.

Unable to skate? Well you can buy spectator passes for €5 per session, or €10 for the whole day.

As spaces are limited, please fill in this registration form to sign up.
Please bring a black and a white top for all sessions.

Online Payment:


E-mail bootcamps@dublinrollerderby.com with any queries or get in touch on social media


First to be announced is…
Gamora – Skating Skills: Power, Speed & Strength is all about the footwork! If you’re human and love to live your life on 8 wheels this masterclass from our artistic skating magician, and Team Argentina All Stars​ skater, Manija, is for you.

Open to all derby levels – including skating Officials! – Manija’s class will challenge your current skill set and get your brain thinking about new ways to move, whatever your super powers are. Her smooth style and enviable stance will have you twisting, turning, hopping and skipping your way around.

Level: Medium. I’ve been skating a while, I’ve passed Minimum Skills and I’m ready to challenge my balance again.





Welcome to Drax – Jammer & Blocker Reflexes! We’re delireh and excireh to introduce one of the latest additions to Dublin’s Charter, straight outta C-Max Roller Derby League, get your best hellos out for Pippa Van Weilie, the ultimate double threat and Team South Africa Roller Derby​ captain at the 2014 World Cup in Dallas.

Pippa’s natural ability to combine traditional jammer skills with strong, solid blocking means once she gets you, she’s not letting you go, laterally (Bah dum tish!). Her fast jukes and fakes are constantly challenging our blockers to up their game!

Level: Medium. I’m Minimum Skills passed and feeling comfy. I’ve played 5+ games.





Ready to pimp out your StarLord – Jamming Master Class skills?

This jamming masterclass is curated by a duo of Dublin #ATeam jammers, Dashing Trudy Snow and Bloody Harry, both currently on Team Ireland Roller Derby​!

Instinctive and creative on track, Bloody has an inate ability to spot and take advantage of opportunities mid jam. Snowy’s strength and smarts regularly leave packs split apart, wondering where the hell she is – mid air, jumping the straight-away, my friend!

Together, our Star Lord duo will take you through a patient approach to attacking the pack, using your own body weight, skills and awareness to create space and spot pack patterns on the fly.

This class is primarily aimed at team jammers, but whatever your shape, size or position, the skills shared will pimp out your derby-skill toolbox.

Level: Advanced. I’m rostered on my team as a jammer and have played 5+ games in this position.





For Rocket + Groot get ready to have three of DRD’s strongest and most experienced Charter blockers thrown at you: Lana Pain, Dirty Kneesloueez & Stabba. Between them they’ve broken apart walls all over Europe and in the United States of Roller Derby at Beach Brawl, 2016, plus all three are currently on Team Ireland.

Together, this dynamic trio will have you offensively causing chaos on track, preventing the best laid plans of the opposing defence, and more importantly, racking up those jammer points. Combining timing, awareness, individual and group skills this class is all about good contact and pack patterns.

Advanced: I’m rostered on my team as a blocker and have played 5+ games in this position.





DRD are absolutely extatic to announce our Head Referee, Shref, is hosting an Officiating Clinic as part of the Those Who Derby bootcamp!
Shref has been an integral part of DRD since we began in 2007. When he’s not winning the after party for Team Zebra you’ll find him holstering his signature Out of Play arm at WFTDA Tournaments all over Europe (Anarchy, SKOD, EuroClash) and at International events (World Cup – Women and Men).
As one of the most experienced referees in Europe, Shref’s class offers insight from his personal experience working with every type of crew – newer and inexperienced to high level WFTDA play.
• How to assemble a crew
• Working together at games
• Running meetings
• Handling official reviews
• Feedback for referees
• Evaluations for officials
• Being a reference for other officials
• Developing a rapport with leagues and teams
• Multi-game events
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