WFTDA ranking: DRD at 54

This time last year we were celebrating our A Team’s success post Beach Brawl placing them at 75 on the WFTDA ladder.

This time we celebrate again. The latest WFTDA rankings from May 2017 show the A Team at number 54. FIFTY FOUR!

Can we take a moment to recognise how they climbed 20 spots in one year, the hard work put in by everyone on the team and the determination to get to D2?

The A Team is facing Tiger Bay Brawlers again on June 24 with the hope of climbing those last two spots and make Divisionals in Pittsburgh in August.

Of course the A team could have done this without the support of the whole league, so major #fistpump to the whole of DRD 💙

#Ateam #wftda #womeninsport


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