Yearly Round-up. C Team’s review of 2017.

Check out what C Team Bench and Coach Fuppin Damo has to say about the year just gone:

A C-son review

Very proud at what we achieved in 2016, we decided to take the adventure on the road and seek out new challenges. With trips to Vienna, Madrid, Edinburgh and Birmingham we were spoilt with great opposition and exciting opportunities. We were very excited to take part in our first triple header abroad and we were shocked and delighted when we got our first ever tournament invite. So adventure we sought, adventure we found, but how did we actually do this year?

In ranked games we faired well with 4 wins and 2 losses. Keeping in mind those 2 losses came from very experience all stars teams, Namur and Vienna. It was a really great learning experience for us and we were delighted that both these teams chose to play us. The games were gritty and hard fought, no points were given easily, but in the end experience and ability in the late game proved the difference between the side. It certainly didn’t sate our hunger for competition.

Our competitive highlight for the year was probably the B team tournament in Birmingham. We might have been considered the underdogs being the only team carrying the C title, but with 2 wins and 2 losses we held our own. Each game was its own edge of the seat kind of derby, with single digits often being the decider. We only traveled with 13 in the squad, picking up an unfortunate additional injury really put us under pressure. Strong character shone true however and we feel we proved that it’s the Dublin in the team name that rivals should mainly pay attention to. We were happy to come away placed 3rd and are eager to seek out more tournament play.

Our most competitive wins in my opinion came from Madrid B, ARRG C and Belfast. All three teams forced our team to their competitive limits, all three had fantastic spirit and all three I would love to play again. We learned a lot in the last season as a team. We learned how to control a game to our advantage, how to retain a narrow lead and regardless of the score on the board, how to fight each jam as if it was the decider.

The season closed as our most competitive season yet. Like all of the Dublin squads, we aimed to punch above our weight and seek out the biggest challenges we could. 2017 has only made us develop an appetite for bigger things and 2018 is just another opportunity to set our sights higher.

A very proud coach,

Fuppin’ Damo

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