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Yearly Round-up. Official’s review of 2017.

See what our Head of Officials Brewdoll E. Lowcock, or Strange Brew in the Ref world, has to say about the year gone:

It’s been an extraordinary year for Dublin Officials, and I am beaming with pride at the passion, drive and amount of Brăuse and Haribo a small gathering of flamingos and zebras can smash in one event, it’s quite a sight to see.

We’ve travelled near and far (but mostly far) and have been invited to the highest level games in town (in the world even!).

Let me throw some stats at you, because who doesn’t love stats (not flamingos!)

In the year 2017 DRD Officials:

  • travelled to over 30 cities in 12 countries across Europe;
  • collectively officiated over 300 games;
  • were part of Europe’s first ever junior’s tournament (Creatures of the Abyss Tournament (C.A.T.);
  • were invited to over 10 international tournaments including: Anarchy in the UK (London), Euroclash (Newcastle), and Finvitational (Helsinki);
  • NSO’d at the first ever WFTDA playoffs in Europe (Malmö, Sweden);
  • NSO’d the MRDA Championships (Cardiff, Wales); and
  • were selected for both the Women’s and Men’s Roller Derby World Cups in 2018

Part-time official (but full time legend) Miss Fury was one of the few officials to get an invite to the WFTDA playoffs in Malmö (along with fellow pinkshirt Riff Reff, who is steadfast in keeping his name so stop asking him already).

Miss Fury, who officiated more games this year than any other DRD official (even Shref) said: “Being involved at playoffs was pretty cool. The standard of officiating was high, so that was a bit nerve wracking, but it was a great learning experience. It was quite intimidating to have skaters like V Diva sitting in front of you in the penalty box and having to tell them when to stand was weird, but I somehow managed to stay cool.”

Three full timers, Beans on Toestops, Brain of Terror and BA, also travelled across the Irish Sea to their first European tournament since joining the ranks of DRD official. First timer BA headed up the crew of Roller Derby Torneo Barcelona City. Not bad for a self proclaimed (and league confirmed) Bad Ass!

One of our first affiliated refs, Duracell, was also selected as THR for 2 events (Italy and Belgium)! The Caroli Hotels Roller Derby Cup in the ‘boot-heel of Italy’, was his stand-out event, saying of the tournament: “The weather was lovely. The beer was surprising.” what more could an Irish official really ask for (or care about)?

Side note: our affiliated officials programme is in full swing in 2017 and is designed to promote interest in officiating by providing the training and opportunities without the commitment of full membership. We hope to keep building our crew in 2018!

In local news, we’ve figured out how to stream games thanks to the brilliant mind of Brain of Terror (not just a clever name). We’ve also developed a new training programme for officials and will be rolling it out in 2018. The programme will feature rules workshops and live action videos. We’re getting our skater membership more involved with an aim to create well rounded derby nerds, capable of tracking penalties, keeping scores, and taking names! ….(but actually numbers)

Next steps are certification for these lovable rogues, and more recognition internationally (there’s only so much ego stroking one human can do without developing some sort of carpel tunnel). Like how the above mentioned Fury NSO’d her 100th game this year, and our international hero Shref reffed over 400 games! We’ve always wondered why he has so many Facebook friends.  

Thank you to you my devoted Head Officials Riff Reff and Shref, our HNSO and HR of Dublin Roller Derby respectively, for pulling together, and running some great crews for 2017, roll on  (and non-roll on) 2018!

Brewdoll E. Lowcock
Head of Officials for Dublin Roller Derby

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