And we’re back!

DRD enjoyed a 2 week summer break and today we’re back at it, training harder than ever (did we mention our A Team made D2??).

To get us back in the mood for some Derby, below is a write up from C Team and B Team alternate skater Miss Fury on the C Team’s trip to Vienna, where they participated in a 3 way tournament against Vienna and Belfast. And they saw the fear leaders! Totes Jel


The Dublin Roller Derby C Team recently travelled to Vienna for a triple header – our furthest distance to travel as a team, and we also played two games back-to-back which was a first for most of the team. We met at the venue on the morning of the games – the Hakoah Sports Club on the outskirts of the city. We had probably the fanciest changing rooms we’ve ever used for roller derby and a lovely array of healthy food was provided by Vienna Roller Derby.
Our first game was against our friends from Belfast Roller Derby. We warmed up off and on track before skating out to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. On the bench we had Damo, Argie and Cooney keeping us calm and organised all day. As we had anticipated it was a tough game against Belfast but our jammers did a fantastic job of getting lead and scoring points, while the blockers worked hard at defending against Belfast’s strong jammers and offence. We were delighted to win the game 229-132.
We didn’t have too much time to enjoy the win though as we were back on track a short 30 minutes later to play Vienna Roller Derby. We had never played Vienna before so had no idea what to expect from them – we realised quickly that their jammers were very strong with excellent agility and we had to react quickly and change some of our tactics as the game progressed. We worked really well as a team and even though we lost 468-113 we were happy with how we played. It really shows how far the C team has come on that we were able to play two A teams and come away happy with our performance.
After our games we had the opportunity to watch Vienna play Belfast and at half time, we were lucky enough to see the Fearleaders perform their routine. After a long day of derby, we headed back to our accommodation and then on to the after party where we got to socialise with the other teams and officials.
It was a really great trip, and Vienna Roller Derby were great at making us feel welcome. We were delighted to be accompanied by our bench staff, including Argie for her first trip with the C Team, and it was great to be able to bring an official, Duracell, with us.

Stay tuned for more awesome first person write ups!

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