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Fresh Meat

Want to learn to play roller derby? Well our 12 week course teach you the very basics - from how to skate, fall, stop, jump, skate backwards and hit! Don't have gear? Never fear - you can rent skates & safety gear from us. Our next Fresh Meat term is starting 21 January  2018, contact to sign up!

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Want to keep the skaters safe and well behaved? Want to learn the rules and how to blow a whistle? Want to spend time on skates but not hit anyone? Reffing may be for you! E-mail to get in contact with our ref crew.

Non-Skating Official
Pencils & papers & whistles, oh  my! Want to get involved in our great community but maybe leave the skating to others? Non-skating officiating is the way to go. E-mail to find out how you can learn to  NSO with us.